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Posted on June 6, 2016 at 7:25 AM

Greetings, all!

Back again to mention the latest developments. I'm happy to report the Consortium Chain omnibus project is finished on my end, and will now move on to the production phase. Lots of art, formatting, and other bridges to cross yet, but the heavy lift is over for me. This omnibus is the entire trilogy reformatted, edited, and has additional content added. It's designed as the definitive version of the trilogy, and will only be available in hardback. It won't add more to the tale than what the standard paperback and Kindle versions have already allowed, simply a bit of detail here and there. I've also retracted some of what I initially was planning, as to keep it as close to the trilogy within the three separate books as possible. One thing is certain, with the team of folks I have working on this, it will be well worth having for anyone who wants to collect all of the Xarhian related material available. It will be a monster of a book. I won't be able to release some of the details just yet because I'm not sure how it will all work out, or if some of it is even feasible.

Now it's on to Jaliun and the many notecards I have stashed all over my desk. There are a few rough versions of the Jaliun outline already, but I think I'm getting narrowed down to exactly the right storyline. The original outline was already around 40k, so I'll have plenty of carrot in front of this horse.

As always, enjoy your reading and I'll see you soon!

- H

Quote of the Week:

 "In the entertainment business, the biggest gift you could ever get is not an Oscar, it's not a Grammy, it's longevity."

- Christian Kane

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