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The Xarhian Glossary, for the curious traveler

Antarid - Sarkrean mercenary.


Apeatharis - Large spear/staff-like weapon with a hook on one end and a trident-

like edge on the other.


Apeatharis Draeun - Enormous spear/staff-like weapon whose hook end is

faceted with avorusium. Used by the Banthyk Lords to defeat the convesium

breastplate of the Pantheona Lords of Siafrana Gal.


Ar – A society of nomads who archive the collected history of the world. Theirs is

a knowledge so vast that they manipulate the world through release of

information. Predominantly dark-skinned, with slanted eyes and smallish facial

features, the Ar evolved to grow accustomed to the blistering heat and harsh

environs of Soderland Major’s northern sands.


Arhoala - Wakusik goddess of the sky. Used in the phrase “Arhoala be praised”,

a phrase used to display thanks.


Avorusium – Rare mineral that shines with a bright green glow. When put in close

proximity to convesium, the convesium will not function and oftentimes breaks.


Banthyk - The continent of swampland that the Banthyk Union controls.


Banthyk Lord - All positions of high authority within the Union are considered

Lords. Wardens, Crown Bearers, and often warriors of stature are accredited

with this title.


Banthyk Union - The prominent power on the continent of Banthyk. Ruled by

nine city-state citadels that are each ruled by a Crown Bearer. Each city-state

citadel is broken into nine townships and each township is controlled by a

Warden. An underground tunnel system connects all city-states.


Bekearich - Coastal city of Soderland Major that trades regularly with seagoing



Bekearich Royal Guard – A group of paramilitaries that joined the Qyssarae

Syndicate and now function as protection for the docks in the sprawling trade city.


Berkich - Coastal city that thrives on its vibrant culture and study of the arts.

Blade Dancer School – A series of classes used by the Pyrtram Ring to train

members into the rank of Assassin.


Blasted Yogwash! – A phrase used by the pirates of the Syrfaje Borderlands in
reference to a farm animal called a yog. The phrase is derogatory in nature and
is usually used in defiance.


Bosk - Frozen capitol of Soderland Minor. Falls under the same night patterns

that affect Banthyk and the Isle of Drenba.


Brayasha - Wife of Jahrok Wor.


Bulka - Sekkar’s Muusalka.


Bund - City-state of the Banthyk Union.


Castle Trsyriu (Seer-ee-you) - The fortified hold that encompasses the ten towers

at the center of the Kingdom of Sarkrea.


Cloudsreach - Formerly Castle Trsyriu.


Convesium - Mineral used for many purposes on Ornateam. Comes from the


Warpass Mountains. Enables long life, quick healing, limb regeneration, and a

telekinetic-like power. Used in the Pantheona of Siafrana Gal Lord's weapons.

Placed into the Kingdom of Sarkrea's water and food supply in powdered form.


Dilnem’s – A bar on the edge of the sand-blasted town of Zendrich.


Dockmaster - Sarkrean fishing trade expert and ship manager.


Drenk - A green, leafy plant. Grows in the wilds of Soderland Minor.


Drok - One of Lady Sha's guards.


Elia - One of Lord Ernfa’s escorts to the theater.


Empren - A sprawling coastal, hill town that exists in near perpetual night, much

like Banthyk. Home to one of the most powerful men on the planet, the

mysterious captain of industry and member of the Consortium Chain, Naroa



Endrosia – A Banthyk wine that is only available in the mid-to-late summer



Ephahn - Small mammal that the Kingdom feeds upon, sells to the Borderlands

for influence, and breeds en masse for its people. Brown fur and a bulbous hump

on its back that is rich with nutrients.


Ersibal Laany - Barkeep and owner of The Gobbling Reste.


Ertral District – A small housing area of the Soderland Minor capital city of Bosk.


Farahnna Sha - Wife of Harfayan Sha and member of the Consortium Chain.


Fahrkash - Southern city-state of the Banthyk Union.


Felwee – A small, lizard-like creature the size of a rat. Able to produce quills
from all parts of its body when threatened.


Fobarek Wor - Newborn son of Jahrok Wor, Warden of the Third Township of



Forthrologe - Large, docile, rat-like creature that bears an uncanny facial

resemblance to that of a human.


Frocasi fruit - A purple berry harvested for consumption in Banthyk.


Garlneh – One of High Priestess Ich’s couriers. He is one of the little people of
southern Soderland Minor. An adept scout and shadowy tail.


Graasula - Large white fish. Native to The Ocean Drennsa.


Graewl - Second in command to Jahnder Wor.


Grotto Muusalkan - A base of operations on Soderland Minor used by Naroa

Mejas and Yurtewns of the Consortium Chain. Disguised as a wildlife preserve, it

was built to accept large shipments of convesium coming from Ornateam.


Grumfaa – Leader/alpha male of a muusalka family pod.


Gunthan – An explosive black powder named after the scientist who discovered it.


Hard Wexlun - Owner of the restaurant, The Ruddy Wench.


Hendr flower – A purple-gray flower, native to the Banthyk swamps, that emits
a powerfully sweet scent. Often used to mask the many foul elements of the


Hollow Den - An underground enclosure that houses orlop, forthrologe, and

muusalka.The largest of the dwellings in Grotto Muusalkan.


Horizon Affiliates - Newcomer wing of the New Union. Comprised entirely of

Banthyk transplants.


Hothongrass – A red, rhubarb-like plant that grows in three foot stalks. Staple

cooking ingredient for the people of Soderland Minor.


Hraverdes - First Mate of Fancy Lass, Myx Jerpin’s prized frigate.


Huld - Largest of the city-state citadels of the Banthyk Union.


Ich - Young bride of Emperor Brean.


Igrapp - An elder tracker and member of Chief Droga’s hunting party.


Igthru – Member of the Ar. Sworn to Ich.


Isiriban – The halberd/scythe weapon that was recovered from the deserts of

northern Soderland Major. It is believed to be used by the Ar, an ancient nomadic

people who stay outside of civilization. The Isiriban was originally invented by a

shaman in the southern Soderland Minor village of Tunka.


Ivery - The elderly lover of young Sekkar.


Ixtubla – Member of the Ar and traitor to his society.


Jahnder Wor - Elder brother of the Third Township Warden of Huld.


Jahrok Wor - Warden of the Third Township of the citadel of Huld.


Karpokta - Lord Sha’s patrol friend.Member of the Sarkrean Representatives.


Kingdom of Sarkrea - Ruling country of Ornateam. Ruled by the Pantheona of


Siafrana Gal. Castle Trsyriu (seer-ee-you) is at its middle and is surrounded by

miles of housing and business.


Knights of the New Union - A program designed to establish the skills needed to

wield the new Shuntren, as well as place the New Union’s aspiring elite into

positions of class.


Korlaen Anashiid – Father of the mercenary, Antarid.


Ladenleaf – A benign plant used for the creation of clothing. Also used to create
a powerful hallucinogen, when mixed with ropweed seed, known as washed


Legion of Orbanth - Large army of women that once protected the Banthyk



Lewpij – The new shaman of Ump.


Lord Bokram Daru – New Crown Bearer of Fahrkash.


Lord Covryd Wendar - Crown Bearer of Undr.


Lord Gillehn - Crown Bearer of Tokrand, eldest of the Crown Bearers.


Lord Harfayan Sha - Crown Bearer of Huld.


Lord Ret Srafn - Crown Bearer of Surk.


Lord Retoron - Crown Bearer of Bund.


Lord Treakorl – First in command of Martial Principle Harfayan Sha’s lead
Airship. A prominent Lord and Sky Knight of the New Union.


Lord Untraev - Crown Bearer of Sykra.


Lotruci dust - A powdered form of a plant that is used as a poison against those

who consume convesium. It causes severe pain in small doses and death in greater



Lythix – Member of the Ar. Sworn to Ich.


Malvich - Largest city on Soderland Major. Considers itself capital of Soderland

Major, though some in Bekearich dispute this claim.


Marr - Large tusked, buffalo-like plant eaters that roam northern Soderland Minor

in the winter months. Hunted by the Ump hunters when rounded up by the

Muusalka pets.


Martial Principle - Title created for Harfayan Sha. Controller of the military, and

all protection aspects, of the Ornateam realm.


Morsoni - Leader of the Pyrtram Ring.


Mr. Wurloed - Ambassador Farahnna Sha’s butler at her manor in Huld.


Muusalka - Sacred companions of the Wakusik, used as herding animals.


Mysyr - Slave city of the Kingdom of Sarkrea, located in the Syrfaje Borderlands.

Used to train Weavers.


Myx Jerpin - Leader of a pirate clan known as The Jerpin Wave.


Naroa Mejas - Most powerful man in Empren. Controller of trade for virtually all

of Xarh.


New Union - Created in Ornateam after the fall of the Kingdom of Sarkrea.

Combined elements of Banthyk and Sarkrean culture. Convesium driven society.


Obokafrom - Muusalka god of Xarh.God of the land and protector of nature.


Ocean Blanf Turisa - Located between Ornateam and Soderland Major


Ocean Drennsa - Located between the Sea of Regrett and the Soderland



Ocean Obscur - Large expanse of water between Bathyk, Ornatateam, and the



Ofalia Treao Qyssarae IV - Member of the Consortium Chain.


Ograeh Wor - Captive prisoner of the Kingdom of Sarkrea.


Ok’Salxi – Member of the Ar. Sworn to Ich.


Okarne – A Knight of the New Union loyal to Queen Harfaya.

One House - The mound house that contains the families of Chief Droga,

Yurtewns, and the other dignitaries’ families of Ump. Also called the Elder



Orbanth - City-state of the Banthyk Union.


Orlop - Small fox-like creature similar to an orp. Several species, brown orlop,

white orlop and yellow orlop. Friendly to all but other orlop. Kept as pets.


Ornateam - The continent that the Kingdom of Sarkrea and the Syrfaje

Borderlands inhabit.


Orp - Wolf-like creature with curled horns like a ram and folded, hanging ears.

They hunt in large packs, often numbering close to one hundred. They grow

blackened fur and are nocturnal.


Otrum – Smallest of the porpulox. The snail-beast that’s tethered the farthest
from the central three and is only used for the storage of scrolls, parchments,
and manuscripts.


Pantheona - Term used to describe a specific group/clan of "god-men" that rule

the Kingdom of Sarkrea. There were once three Pantheonas, now only one



Pantheona Lord Kraetonum - Eldest of the Pantheona Lords of the Pantheona of

Siafrana Gal.


Pantheona Ridiri-Octuran - One of the two Pantheonas eliminated by Pantheona

Siafrana Gal, during their rise to power. This Pantheona incorporated the use of

giant, curved Shuntren, much like the one that Antarid utilizes.


Pantheona Siafrana Gal - The controlling Pantheona that governs the Kingdom of



Parret - Myx Jerpin’s aging pet orlop.


Phynara – A Sister of the Legion of Orbanth, loyal to her Queen, who followed
Harfaya into northern Soderland Major.


Porpulox – Hulking snail creatures that roam the sands with the Ar. Used for
transportation as the Ar traverse the harrowing existence of life within the desert
of northern Soderland Major.


Praflin – A Jerpin Wavemember who was chosen by One-Eyed Myx to lead the
assault on Mysyr.


Primary Chamber – The four members of the Ar who serve as High Priestess
Ich’s personal guards and envoys for the society. Sworn to Ich from birth, each
is roughly half her age.


Preqoria - A small woman from Soderland Major.One of Yurtewns’ assistants on

his intercontinental fishing vessel.


Pundre - Small lizard creature that can breathe on land or in water. Curious by

nature, they enjoy being around trazlix.


Pyrtram Ring - Pirate clan that seeks to kill the mercenary Antarid.


Qyssarae Syndicate – The dominant crime family in Bekearich, controlled by

Ofalia of the Consortium Chain.


Randich - Prison city of Soderland Major.


Rep - Shortened version of representative. Used as slang to describe Sarkrean



Riotrin Gunthan – Tokrand Scientist who discovered an explosive black powder
and named it after himself.


Ro-Sewpik - Wakusik god of war. Used in the phrase “By Ro-Sewpik’s Axe”, a

phrase used to display astonishment. Also the name used to describe the drums

used by the men of Ump on a daily basis.


Roderunn - Personal guard to Lord Harfayan Sha.


Rowthul - Sekkar’s adoptive father.


Ropweed seed – A small, white seed that falls from the ropweed in northern
Banthyk. Its properties are highly unusual. As such, the seeds are used for a
number of Tokrand experiments. The seeds are also mixed with ladenleaf to
create a powerful hallucinogen known as washed ladenleaf.


Royal Sarkrean Fleet - The Airship fleet of the Kingdom of Sarkrea.


Runte - Pirate city of the northern Syrfaje Borderlands.


Sarkrean Representatives - Nationalist wing of the New Union. Comprised of

ex-Kingdom residents.


Syrfaje Borderlands - A country on the edge of the Kingdom of Sarkrea that has

been under loose control of the Sarkreans for many years. A rugged environment

and twisted political system make this area hard to control by any one faction.


Sea of Regrett - Vast waterway between Ornateam and Banthyk. Has a routinely

stormy interior and several ships have been sunk to its canyon-trenched seafloor.


Sekkar - Young tribesman of Ump.


Shuntren - Large two-handed sword used by Sarkrean warriors of all kinds. Made

of steel compounds, this is the standard weapon of the Kingdom.


Sky Knight – A designation used to describe the Knights of the New Union who
ride/pilot Airships.


Skyflang - Crossbow-like weapons of various sizes and models, used to bring

down Sarkrean ships from the sky during raids. Some are made to spread-shot a

net webbing against land forces, enabling the Banthyk Unions forces to pull the

enemy closer.


Soderlan Brean - Explorer turned Emperor, twelve hundred years ago. Conqueror

of Soderland Major and Soderland Minor.


Soderland Major - Large continent east of Ornateam.


Soderland Minor - Large continent east of Banthyk.


Soop-Ma - A stew made by Wakusik women. Made for special occasions.


Splinter Wedge – A grouping of convesium shards that are infused with an

explosive of Tokrand origin. The explosive detonates near the ground, and the

weavers of convesium manipulate the shards into hundreds of dagger-like

projectiles designed to shred.


Srae - Merchant outpost main coastal store owner and operator. She is in charge

of the docks and regulates the trade of fishing for Undr.


Star Walk - Test of manhood used by the Wakusik.


Surk - City-state of the Banthyk Union.


Sykra - City-state of the Banthyk Union that houses the country's largest prison.


Syrbahn - Coastal city of the Syrfaje Borderlands.


Syrfaje - Capital city of the Syfaje Borderlands.


Tergo Runtgen – The salesman from Bosk who spotted Sekkar amongst the


The Gobbling Reste - Large Inn/Dock House just off the coastal docks in the city

of Bekearich.


The Ruddy Wench - Hard Wexlun's restaurant.


The Spirited - A three story café that serves as a restaurant, hotel, brothel, and

warming house.One of three establishments in all of Banthyk to allow



Theatre Alafar-san Trsyriu - A grand, old theater located just outside of



Tir-Albaran - A student of the Martial Principle in the Knights of the New Union

training class.


Tokrand - Eastern coastal city-state of the Banthyk Union. Known for its

engineers and handheld Skyflang devices.


Tolthra – One of Myx Jerpin’s frigates.


Trazlix - Giraffe-like lizard mounts, used as transportation on the swamp

continent by the Banthyk Union.


Trebuzola - Tiny, white birds that create a symphonic sound when chirping in a



Tresio - Son of Morsoni who was murdered by Antarid.


Trewk Ernfa - Warden of the Second Township of Undr.


Trowthu - The dead man at Yurben’s Point.


Tunka - Coastal city of Soderland Minor.


Ump - Coastal city of Soderland Minor.


Undr - Western coastal city-state of the Banthyk Union.


Untowsich - Northern city of Soderland Major.


Ur’Ganthoth – The lone male of the Primary Chamber, High Priestess Ich’s
four-member council that oversees the Ar. Known as a mystic and zealous
believer in the powers that exist beyond known science.


Ver – A bluish-green, hard shelled fruit. Similar in shape and appearance to a



Vershing – One of Myx Jerpin’s frigates.


Vrai - Coastal city-state, known for the arts, in the Banthyk Union.

Wakusik - Native people of Ump.


Warpass Mountains - The range north of Castle Trsyriu where convesium is



Winter Harvest Dance - A village-wide dance to celebrate another successful year

of winter survival in Ump.


Wolcrasek Hound – A large canine, the size of a Clydesdale horse that lumbers
through the deserts of northern Soderland Major. They feed on microorganisms,
much like the porpulox.


Wrong of the Stars – The shifted movements of the planets around Xarh caused
by the chaos of young Arhoala’s power and fragile state of mind.


Xarium – A red, crystalline mineral that has wondrous, unknown power.Also

known as trosium.


Yarga - Rowthul’s son and Sekkar’s ‘brother’.

Yarthran Room - A meeting room in the central tower of Cloudsreach.

Yerlohi – Youngest of the Primary Chamber. An energetic and outgoing society
member of the Ar.


Yog – A farm animal that looks similar to a large, grey and red, flightless bird.
It is fed considerable amounts of grain to give it fatty mass in order to eventually
be fried and consumed. This type of bird was once a pet for a scattered few
in the outer lying areas of the Ornateam region during the reign of Pantheona
Siafrana Gal.


Ysa - Farahnna Sha's special courier.


Yurben’s Point - Destination for the Star Walk. The ever-supplied campsite that

signified the halfway point of the trek, before the Wakusik, young adult’s return.


Yurla Laabi – A merchant in Bosk.


Yurtewns - Elderly member of the Consortium Chain. Shaman from Ump, in

Soderland Minor.


Yurwalo – A hunter from Ump.


Yzop - Large, bat-like animal that travels from city-state to city-state, due to the

Union people enticing them with food.


Zendrich - Northern city of Soderland Major.